Ruan Hoffmann Plates on Exhibit at Anthropologie

NEW YORK—A cascade of 100 extraordinary ceramic plates by South African artist Ruan Hoffmann is on display in the Anthropologie Gallery at the store’s Rockefeller Center location. The colorful exhibit of free-form plates features fabulous abstracts, textural patterns and thought-provoking messages like “Millions Of People Can Be Wrong.” The exhibit runs from June 1 to July 28, 2011.

All photos by Arts Observer

The gallery is a small, dedicated space near the entrance, an inspiring diversion in the retail environment.

Curiously, the display misspells the artist’s name, leaving the second “n” off of his last name.

The plates feature organic and textural designs crafted in a wide-ranging color palette.

The elegant cascade of plates was created by using a series of narrow pedestals.

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