A Trio of Sculptures by Juan Muñoz

“Last Conversation Piece,” 1994-95 (bronze) by Juan Muñoz is a trio of sculptures composed of five male figures.

WASHINGTON, DC—“Last Conversation Piece” by Juan Muñoz sits on the plaza outside the Hirshhorn Museum. The trio of bronze sculptures seems perfectly suited for the patch of lawn where it is displayed. Spatially and aesthetically it works.

A renowned sculptor whose work is celebrated around the world, the late Muñoz was also a storyteller. He created many Conversation Pieces. Each cluster of figures makes a profound, yet muted statement, begging the viewer to define its meaning.

The Spanish artist was interviewed in 2000, the year before he died, for a biography.

Photos by Arts Observer

Each of the figures responds to the other.

The trio was purchased for the Hirshhorn’s permanent collection in 1995 and first displayed in 1996.

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