Colorful Cows: Melinda Buie Finds Inspiration on Her Family’s East Texas Farm

“Old 49” 2010 (oil on wood) demonstrates the special attention Melinda Buie gives to the palettes she chooses.

NEW YORK—Melinda Buie grew up in East Texas but didn’t start painting cows until she moved to New York.

She captures calves and cows, including Texas Longhorns, from her brother’s farm in Longview, Texas, by taking photographs of the cattle and then interpreting the images in her studio. She uses a Pop Art style and devotes special attention to the vibrant palettes she chooses.

Buie’s studio was open to the public during the Fashion District Arts Festival.

Canvases cover the walls of the space, showcasing her work which also includes architecture from her travels to London, Paris and Italy, portraits of men and women, as well as canine and feline portraits.

But cows are Buie’s primary subject. She says she is drawn to their individuality and the contours of their physique and, after painting them for more than eight years, still finds them inspiring.

All photos by Arts Observer

Bottom right, “Mo” 2005 (oil on canvas)

“Cinco & Turbo’s Pitch” 2011 (oil on canvas)

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  1. harriet meltzer

    I have never seen fabulous paintings such as these. I have seen them in Ms. Buie’s studio and they’re unbelievable. Her style of painting is completely original, and to look at one of Ms. Buie’s paintings makes you feel happy. All the cows are happy too.

    Let’s see more of Linda Buie’s artwork.

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