Franklin Perkins: A Nod to Graphic Design

Franklin Perkins says the forms in the acrylic on canvas works at left and right (“Blue and Black Curves”) reference splitting seeds and butterfly wings.

NEW YORK—Franklin Perkins‘s work is inspired by advertising and block printing—it’s based on color and scale and an arrangement of shapes, symbols and forms. There is a definite nod to graphic design. The doctor-turned-artist gained recognition in 2001 and now he paints full time. Art, he told me is much more fulfilling than his former medical career. He works on canvas and also in collage, a process he sometimes uses to explore ideas for larger works. Perkins opened his studio to visitors as a part of the Fashion District Arts Festival over the weekend.

Photos by Arts Observer

Working in collage helps Perkins explore ideas for larger pieces.

Graphic color, symbols, shapes and forms are central to Perkins’s work.

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