Rashaad Newsome’s ‘Herald’ Exhibit was a Hit at Marlborough Gallery

NEW YORK—“Herald,” was Rashaad Newsome‘s first solo show at Marlborough Gallery in Chelsea and included new collages, sculpture and video installations.

The gallery describes the multimedia artist’s work as “high neo-Baroque style with low pop-advertising imagery.” Hmmm. I am not sure what to say about Newsome’s work. Without a doubt, he has staged innovative performance art (including “Tournament,” a rap battle that was a part of the Marlborough exhibit.) And his collages are certainly intricate, but their subject matter feels dated. As the most creative players in rap and hip hop have generally moved on to a more refined aesthetic, Newsome’s collages and video installations pay tribute to a hackneyed quartet—money, cars, women and bling.

His work has apparently garnered a following though. I visited the exhibit on Dec. 3, the last day of the show, and all of the framed works that I checked had little red “sold” stickers on them. Newsome’s forthcoming shows take place at the Miami Art Museum and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

All photos by Arts Observer

“Herald” opened on Oct. 20 and closed on Dec. 3, 2011. In background, “Mary.” At top, “Let Them Eat Cakes,” 2011 (collage with custom antique frame).

“Black Barbie,” 2011 (collage in custom antique frame) is a tribute to Nicki Minaj.

The New Orleans-born Rashaad Newsome appears in his video installation.

“Swaggalicious,” 2011 (collage in custom antique frame).

Many of his larger works are set in elaborate custom frames.

Detail of microphones that adorn the frame for “Succubus.”

“Succubus,” 2011 (collage in custom antique frame).

“Ride or Die,” 2011 (collage).

Most of Newsome’s exhibited work was sold.

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