At FIT, Student Self-Portraits Capture Distinct Personalities

NEW YORK—Many moods and personalities are captured in a series of self-portraits on display at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Created by fine arts students in Professor Cynthia Gallagher’s second semester painting course, the oil on canvas portraits are full of life. The paintings are on display in FIT’s D Building (the Fred P. Pomerantz Art and Design Center). Executed in a range of palettes, each student used color, shadows and paint strokes to infuse their portrait with individuality.

All photos by Arts Observer

From left, Katherine McNamee, Xu Kaiyi, Emily Green.

Rebecca Williams

From left, Jane Gilarde, Eric Torres, Rebecca Williams, Erica Estrada.

From left, Emily Green, Amanda Richards and Jane Gilarde.

Quendrim Hoti

From left, Chadbourne Oliver, Quendrim Hoti, Kayla Camstra.

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