At Matthew Marks Gallery, Charles Ray Envisions the Future

NEW YORK—Matthew Marks Gallery is displaying a new work by Charles Ray in a stark white, box-like space. The modest-sized gallery ensures “Future Fragment on a Solid Base,” the artist’s aluminum abstract-ish sculpture, is the center of attention.

Born in Chicago and based in Los Angeles, according the gallery, Ray is “best known for his sculptures of altered and refashioned familiar objects.” Future Fragment fits this mold. The sculpture appears to be a stitched boot with a bulging, muscled calf coming out of it. Something resembling a hat is perched above the knee (which sort of looks like a face) and a round canteen is hanging down from the side of the “hat.”

Although the items appear more Robin Hood or Puss in Boots than U.S. military, the concept of the work makes me think of the wounded warriors who for years now have been returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, many missing limbs—a situation to which metaphoric name of the sculpture might refer.

The sculpture is on view from Oct. 28 to Dec. 23, 2011.

Photos by Arts Observer

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