Along the High Line, Window Installation by Spencer Finch Depicts Hudson River

NEW YORk—The windows along the Chelsea Market Passage on The High Line feature a symphony of color. The area has a hushed, almost spiritual vibe as the colored panes resemble stained glass—a contemporary version of designs found in church windows.

“The River Flows Both Ways,” an installation by Spencer Finch, portrays the nearby Hudson River. Finch photographed the water’s surface from a tugboat and based on the pixels in his images assigned a corresponding color to each of the window panes.

Depending on the time of day, the amount of light shining on the windows changes, altering the appearance of the colors and translucence of the installation’s panes.

“The River that Flows Both Ways” debuted in June 9, 2009, when the first section of The High Line opened to the public.

All photos by Arts Observer

Spencer Finch photographed the Hudson River over a period of 700 minutes and the colors of each of the 700 window panes represent the water conditions of a specific moment.

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