A Pristine ’63 Chevy Impala Draws Attention in Little Italy

NEW YORK—This 1963 Chevy Impala was spotted on Grand Street near Mulberry on Saturday afternoon. Personalized with a “Fuhgedaboudit” fun plate, all of the windows were rolled down and the unattended copper-colored classic was blasting old school tunes.

Although it was parked in Little Italy, the pristine Impala reminded me of the birth of Los Angeles rap and the single “Boyz N the Hood” performed by Eazy-E on the 1987 NWA and the Posse album. Written by Ice Cube, the song’s hook is “Cruisin’ in my 6-4.”

When owner of the car appeared, he was of retirement age wearing a Chevrolet t-shirt under his leather jacket.

Photos by Arts Observer

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