With Dozens of Skateboards, Mounir Fatmi Creates a Cultural Sensation

Brooklyn, NEW YORK—Skateboards and religion? “Maximum Sensation,” an installation of 50 skateboards adorned with prayer rugs by Mounir Fatmi, belies reason.

On his website, Moroccan-born Fatmi says he “constructs visual spaces and linguistic games that aim to free the viewer from their preconceptions.”

While provocative, the cultural mash up almost makes sense. Skateboarders tend to be passionate about the extreme sport, adopting it as a lifestyle—a devotion some might say rivals a religious practice. Also, skateboards serve as canvases, bursting with color, featuring company logos, stickers, graphic designs and illustrations; Covered in colorful, patterned prayer carpets, the boards take on a similar custom, creative flair.

The visually and conceptually striking, the installation is a real conversation starter.

“Maximum Sensation” is a part of the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Museum where it is on display in the contemporary gallery.

All photos by Arts Observer

“Maximum Sensation,” 2010 (plastic, metal, textile).

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