Kosyo Minchev’s Busts Reference Strength and Mortality

NEW YORK—Kosyo Minchev’s busts are a contemporary interpretation of the classic sculptural form, and they appear to be melting.

“Erasing the Tracks” at Stux Gallery is centered around three busts by the Bulgarian artist and includes small-scale landscape paintings overlaid with silicone. According to the gallery, the busts interpret issues of beauty, strength and mortality. The grotesque images are handsome sculptural works.

The exhibit is on view from Jan. 5 to Feb. 4, 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

“Old Woman,” 2009-10 (aqua resin); Top of page, “Bust,” 2009-10 (aqua resin).

“The Suffering Man,” 2009-10 (aqua resin).

Detail of “Bust.”

“Old Woman,” 2009-10 (aqua resin); Background from left, “Bust” and “The Suffering Man.”

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