Sculptor Chakaia Booker is Debuting a Series of Dynamic, Layered Prints

NEW YORK—Known for her elaborate rubber tire sculptures, turns out Chakaia Booker creates brilliant prints too. A selection of her prints are being exhibited for the first time at David Krut Projects. Since 2009 Booker has been collaborating with Phil Sanders—a master print maker in New York—creating more than 100 works. The prints included in “Print Me” demonstrates her dedication to detail. Booker carved wood blocks to build texture and patterns and also embossing. Her spare use of color is derived not from paint or ink, but solely from the inclusion of hand-painted Asian papers. Booker also invokes origami-style folded paper and collage techniques.

“Print Me” officially opens today and is on view through April 14, 2012. Meanwhile, Booker’s outdoor installation of four recycled tire sculptures at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C., will debut on March 8, International Women’s Day.

All photos by Arts Observer

Above, Many of the works in the exhibit were created using “chine collé,” a method the print maker Phil Sanders refers to as “sculpture with a 2-D outcome.” Top of page, Detail of “Untitled,” 2011 (chine collé with woodcut).

From left, “Untitled,” 2011 (chine collé with woodcut) and “Untitled,” 2011 (chine collé with woodcut and hand painting).

“Untitled,” 2011 (chine collé with woodcut)

From left, Untitled, 2011 (chine collé with hand painting and “Untitled,” 2009-10 (chine collé) and Detail of “Untitled,” 2011 (chine collé with woodcut).

“Untitled,” 2011 (chine collé with woodcut).

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