Surface Haze: Charles Long Presents New Abstract Sculptures

NEW YORK—Tonya Bonakdar Gallery is presenting a collection of sculptures by Charles Long called “Minimal Surfaces_Ocean of Hours.” The innovative works look like three-dimensional doodles surfaced in resin. According to the gallery, the exhibit’s title “minimal surfaces” refers to a mathematical principle which states that “a given plane assumes a geometrical configuration of least possible area into which it can readily deform according to a given framework.”

The exhibit is on view from Feb. 25 to April 7, 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

Above, Charles Long explored new processes and materials to create the five works included in the exhibit. Top of page, “Untitled,” 2012.

“Untitled,” 2012 (steel, reinforced epoxy, primer, drawings). Long included sketches selected from the extensive collection of drawings in his studio in the cavity.

Detail of “Untitled,” 2012 (steel, fabric, epoxy, pigment).

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