At National Portrait Gallery, Engaging Images by Renowned Artists

WASHINGTON, DC—The National Portrait Gallery has a remarkable collection, paintings and sculptures of historic figures and stand-outs in a range of fields. Many of the works were created by critically acclaimed artists, from German artist Winold Reiss, known for his dignified portraits of blacks, Asians and Native Americans in the early 20th century, to Andy Warhol and Alice Neel whose nude self portrait hangs in the museum.

All photos by Arts Observer

Above, “Thelonious Monk,” 1964 (oil on canvas) by Boris Chaliapin, from Time magazine cover Feb. 28, 1964. Top of page, “Isamu Noguchi,” circa 1929 (pastel on paper) by Winold Reiss. Noguchi is one of the most important sculptors and designers of the 20th century.

“George Washington Carver,” 1942 (oil on canvas)by Betsy Graves Reyneau.

Dancer “Merce Cunningham,” 1962 (oil on canvas) by Elaine de Kooning.

“Alice Neel,” 1980 (oil on canvas) self portrait.

“W.E.B. DuBois,” 1925 (pastel on paper) by Winold Reiss.

“Michael Jackson, 1984 (synthetic polymer and silkscreen on canvas) by Andy Warhol.

“Gwendolyn Brooks,” 1994 (bronze) by Sara S. Miller; In background, “Betty Friedan,” 1995 (acrylic on canvas) by Alice Matzkin.

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