Pakpoom Silaphan Brilliantly Recasts Vintage Ad Signs with Famous Artists

NEW YORK—Pakpoom Silaphan uses old tin signs to “remaster the masters.” The mixed media works cast Pop artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, as well as the likes of Frida Kahlo in ads for global drink brands. Silaphan’s work was on display at the Scream booth at the recent Scope New York art fair in New York and was featured in a solo exhibit at the London gallery earlier this year.

The Thai artist worked for a short time in advertising (hence the inspiration) before continuing his art studies in London. The found tin signs he uses are collected from the “rural streets of his youth” in Thailand. The gallery describes his approach as weaving “an ingenious dialogue between portraits of artists, drink brands, collage and painting.”

All photos by Arts Observer

Frida Kahlo and Coca-Cola.

At right, Keith Haring.

From left, “Four Times Basquiat on Coke,” 2011, (mixed media on vintage metal signs); Andy Warhol and Pepsi.

Andy Warhol.

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