Water Street Project is Presenting a Series of Creative Events in Georgetown

WASHINGTON, DC—The Water Street Project is a 10-day temporary gallery space and exploration of art, music and culture, and how it is consumed, through various daily events. The concept was created by No Kings Collective, an artists collective based in Washington. On Friday, the event was an art exhibit that ran until 2 a.m. The artists presented a variety of work, from murals and sculpture to painting and mixed-media installations. “The Artists” are Kelly Towles, Brandon Hill, James Kerns, Dafna Steinberg, Kate Campagna, Maggie O’Neill, James Meade, Paul Mericle, Billy Mode, Gaia, Gregg Deal, Jacqueline Levine, Drew Storm Graham, Tariq Tucker and Hamilton Riley. The event, which included musical performances, was a bit more high-octane warehouse party, sans dancing, than contemplative-viewing art exhibit. And included a visit by cops from MPDC about 45 minutes before it was scheduled to end. The quality and aesthetic of the work was wide-ranging, but certainly intriguing.

The Water Street Art Project is presenting daily events from April 19 to April 29, 2012, at 3401 Water Street NW in Georgetown.

All photos by Arts Observer

The Water Street Project is a pop-up creative arts space featuring daily events. Top of page, From left, Mannequin by James Kearns, and painting by Gregg Deal.

At far left, Maggie O’Neill discusses her work.

From left, “Free to Sit” and “Colorful Capitol” (both limited edition canvas prints) by Maggie O’Neill.

From left, “Pleasure Ruin” and “Ambush” by Drew Storm Graham.

Work by Drew Storm Graham.

“Koi,” by Drew Storm Graham.

Mural by Kelly Towles.

Mural by Billy Mode.

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