Corinne Wasmuht’s Colorful, Pictorial Works Featured at Friedrich Petzel

NEW YORK—Layering images and paint, Corinne Wasmuht creates detailed nature and urban scenes—works that appear to be pieced together and overexposed. Her unique technique was on display at Friedrich Petzel through yesterday. “Supracity” featured four of her large-scale paintings which are inspired by a series of photographs. According to the gallery Wasmuht’s work “derives from an array of pictorial inventions, culminating in an aesthetic tension that aims to reconcile what the artist refers to as the ‘dualism of modernism,’ a melding of representational and abstract structures in painting.”

German-born Wasmuht was raised in Argentina and is currently living and workingin Berlin. “Supracity” was on view from March 1 to April 28, 2012.

Photos by Arts Observer

Above, Detail of “Bibliotheque/CDG-BSL.” Top of page, “Bibliotheque/CDG-BSL,” 2011 (oil on wood).

“Transverse NXL,” 2012 (oil on wood).

Detail of “Gate 77,” 2012 (oil on wood).

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