Representing Estate of Robert De Niro Sr., DC Moore Gallery Exhibits Retrospective

NEW YORK—Following its informative David Driskell survey in January, DC Moore Gallery recently paid tribute to another artist whose work evolved in the second half of the 20th century—Robert De Niro Sr. (1922-1993). The retrospective of paintings and drawings includes figurative works, still lifes and landscapes whose distinction is defined by expressive paint strokes. De Niro (the actor’s father) studied with Josef Albers and Hans Hoffman. The gallery represents the artist’s estate.

Robert De Niro, Sr.: Paintings and Drawings 1960-1993” was on view through the weekend, from March 22 to April 28, 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

Above, Detail of “Studio Interior,” 1969 (oil on canvas). Top of page, “Moroccan Women,” 1979 (oil on linen).

From left, “Kneeling Nude Figure,” 1979 (charcoal on paper; “Seated Female Nude with a Parrot,” 1980 (charcoal on paper); “Standing Nude,” 1969 (oil on paper mounted to fiberboard); and “Studio Interior with Torso, Vase, Chair and Nude,” 1970 (oil on fiberboard).

“Untitled,” 1960 (oil on linen).

From left, “Four Figures,” c. 1977 (oil on canvas) and “Self Portrait of the Artist at His Easel,” 1985.

“Studio Still Life with Head of Woman,” 1960 (oil on canvas).

“White Building from Blue Porch,” 1968 (oil on canvas).

Detail of “Last Painting,” 1985-1993 (oil on linen).

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