Composed Color: New Paintings by Lloyd Martin at Stephen Haller

NEW YORK—The precise grids of LLoyd Martin‘s paintings resemble topographical maps—aerial views of parceled land perhaps, with layers of intense color. Martin is showing a series of new works at Stephen Haller Gallery, where the artist has had a solo show annually since 2005.

According to the gallery, the title of the exhibit, “‘Mettere,’ is from the Italian to put or place, refers to the artist’s process of placing element upon element — building up the structure of the painting in rhythmic complex layers. Compositional elements that might have existed independently as small paintings are grafted pictorially onto the major works.”

See photos of Martin at work in his Rhode Island studio.

Martin’s paintings are on view at Stephen Haller from April 5 to May 12, 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

Above, in foreground, “Tally,” 2012 (oil, mixed media on canvas). Top of page, Detail of “Yellow Check,” 2012 (oil, mixed media on canvas).

“Pave,” 2011 (oil, mixed media on canvas).

“Mete (4),” 2012 (oil, mixed media on canvas).

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