Zieher Smith Presents Bold New Paintings by Chuck Webster

NEW YORK—Chuck Webster employs bold, confident line strokes to define his canvases. A masterful combination of dramatic fields of color, inventive palettes and commanding lines distinguishes his latest series of paintings on view at Zieher Smith. The abstract-ish images resemble rows of parking spaces, imbalanced paths, sutures or some kind of antennae that together form a stacked pueblo-like structure set against a textural background achieved by manipulating layers of paint. Brooklyn-based Webster told 1st Dibs that the canvases were inspired by several references: “More rickety. Thatched hut. Kachina doll. Wood. Church. Stitch. Wounds. Forward ho. Place. Old train. Gunga Gunga.”

“Chuck Webster: Paintings” is on view from April 26 to May 25, 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

All of the works are untitled and created in 2012 using oil paint on wood panel.

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