Anish Kapoor Makes a Singular Statement with Steel

NEW YORK—Enter Gladstone Gallery to view Anish Kapoor‘s enormous, pod-shaped sculpture and you are struck by its design, size and the warm tone of its patina. And then you will wonder how it remains propped up at about a 45-degree angle. Composed of Cor-Ten steel (which over time develops a rusted surface from weathering), the untitled work weighs more than 24,000 pounds, according to the gallery, and it seems to be defyng physics and gravity by standing at an angle with the help of a narrow lip it leans against at its base.

A man gets a closer look at the gravity-defying installation.

The installation is one of a two-part exhibit Kapoor is showing at Gladstone’s two Chelsea locations. While the show at 24th Street is a forest of 22 organic forms, here, the artitst makes a singular statement. Visitors are drawn to the hollowed out center. Standing beneath the wide cavity is somehow peaceful as the structure envelops you—and somehow doesn’t topple to the ground on top of you. Constructed on-site, Kapoor’s work is a brilliant fusion of art, design and engineering.

Known for “Cloud Gate,” his bean-shaped stainless steel sculpture in Chicago’s Millennium Park, Kapoor was born in Bombay and lives and works in London.

The Cor-Ten steel work is on view at Gladstone’s 21st Street gallery from May 5 to June 9, 2012. The complementary exhibit of concrete sculptures runs during the same time period.

All photos by Arts Observer

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