Havana Biennial: Senior Exhibit at ISA Visual Arts Gallery

HAVANA—Some of Cuba’s most talented artists are graduates of Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA). Founded in 1976, ISA offers university-level advanced studies in theater, music, dance and visual arts. On June 11, the gallery at the visual arts school was exhibiting work by fourth and fifth year students, mostly paintings.

A series of colorful canvases by David Enriquez was hung in a grid near the entrance of the show. Enriquez, who had been lingering outside the gallery chatting with friends, wandered in to explain—with the help of a fellow student who interpreted—the concept of the project. Given the language barrier, it was a challenge to grasp his vision in its entirety. But he essentially described the series, “Serie Pensar en la Pienso,” as follows:

Enriquez composed music to articles he found in the Gramma, Cuba’s only daily newspaper, which is published by the government. The project includes a song book, with the titles of each of the articles and the associated “sheet music,” (Each page of the book has a corresponding canvas.) Many of the articles, dated from 1996 to 2010, focus on agriculture. Enriquez said he chose the topic, because he believes it doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

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All photos by Arts Observer

Above and top of page, “Serie Pensar en la Pienso,” 2012 by David Enriquez.

Detail of female portrait from “Series Persona Resucitada” by Andy Llanes Bultó.

“Series Persona Resucitada,” 2012 by Andy Llanes Bultó.

“Concrecion No. 15,” 2011 (oil on canvas) by Alejandro Gomez.

A series of large-scale canvases by Alejandro Gomez depict crowds of ordinary Cubans.

“Trujaman,” (drypoint on acetate film) by Maite Rondon Martinez.

Detail of “Trujaman” by Maite Rondon Martinez.

Detail of “Serie Pensar en la Pienso” by David Enriquez.

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