Alec Monopoly Adds The Bowery to the Famous Game Board

NEW YORK—The crowd’s all there—Jack Nicholson, ’70s model Twiggy, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson and “Rich Uncle Pennybags,” the man in the top hat from the Monopoly board game. The images are the greatest hits of Los Angeles-based mural artist Alec Monopoly, icons he regularly invokes in his work, from murals to paste up posters. The construction plywood in front of 199 Bowery, where EMM Group plans to open a 20,000 square foot restaurant/nightclub in the fall serves as his canvas and was installed in May. The unidentified artist, who according to his website speaks through the Monopoly man mascot, even incorporated the company’s advertisement for jobs at the night spot in the mural, with a vintage character from the board game boasting “Opportunity’s Knocking at Your Door.”

All photos © Arts Observer

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