Exploration of Dark Matter Yields Intriguing Works

NEW YORK—Composed of naturally sourced materials, Shea Hembrey‘s works are encased like precious stones, which are among the elements he uses. But “dark matters” at Bryce Wolkowitz, the artist’s first show at the gallery, is not about elegance, its a study of the cosmos.

According to the gallery: “Hembrey’s new work attempts to visualize his 20 year exploration of dark matter and dark energy…Hembrey’s paintings and sculptures are a collective meditation on the unseen structure of our universe.”

“dark matters” is on view from Sept. 6 to Oct. 20, 2012.

All photos © Arts Observer

Above, “flow,” 2012 (lead, acrylic, aluminum, acrylic paint, silk thread, glass marbles). Top of page, “raft,” 2012 (guinea feathers, redbud sticks, lead, amethyst, chrysocolla, vanadinite, azurite, malachite, flourite, quartz, selenite, nickel, calcite, garnet, citrine, turquoise, mica, tourmaline, topaz, silk threat).

“radius,” 2012 (wheat straw, wood, foam, plastic, paper, screws, acrylic paint).

Detail of “radius,” which the gallery describes as “worked into an event horizon of a black hole, a well of dark energy, or possibly a worm hole into a parallel universe.”

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