‘Some Women,’ an Intriguing Exploration by Jason Brinkerhoff

NEW YORK—Last Tuesday, Zieher Smith opened for the first time since suffering serious water damage from Hurricane Sandy. As recovery efforts carried on behind-the-scenes, the gallery space looked pristine, continuing a show of works by Jason Brinkerhoff.

The exhibit, “Some Women” explores the female body in a series of more than 70 works. In each, Brinkerhoff depicts the single subject in a manner that is at once similar and in stark contrast to the others. His bodies are rounded, geometric forms sometimes created with fine lines like sketches, otherwise with more confident strokes. The approach usually depends on the medium he has chosen to incorporate color into the work. His color palette—both bright and muted—is drawn from a wide range of pencils, inks and pastels, as well as collage techniques. A series of paintings are also on exhibit for the first time.

“Some Women” opened on Oct. 11 and, originally slated to conclude on Nov. 10, has been extended to Dec. 8, 2012.

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At left, The exhibit includes a “first look” at the artist’s painting exploration.

The images are executed on various papers, including Xerox paper and old book pages.

While the artist’s drawings are defined by fine lines, his paintings are executed with weightier strokes.

“Some Women” has been extended, and is now on view through Dec. 8.

Brinkerhoff uses a wide range of pencils, inks, pastels and paints in his works.

Detail of “Untitled,” 2012 (graphite, wax pastel, acrylic, and xerox on paper).

Top row, far left, “Untitled,” 2012 (graphite and gouache on paper); Top row, second from right, “Untitled,” 2012 (graphite, wax pastel, acrylic, and spray paint on paper).

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