Art Basel Miami Beach: 10 Intriguing Sculptures

MIAMI—From sculptural wood objects to a lunar-like abstract cluster and a playful teddy bear that appears to be made of black trash bags (but is actually composed of bronze), there are amazing sculptures on view throughout the convention center at Art Basel Miami Beach. One of the thrills of attending international art fairs is discovering the imaginative creations on display as you round each corner. Here are 10 of the most intriguing sculptures anchoring gallery spaces at this year’s show.

TOP: “The Farm,” 2011 (foam, fiberglass) by Atelier van Lieshout at Galerie Krinzinger of Vienna. In background, “Untitled (from the show ‘the pieces Earth took away’),” 2012 (wood doors, acrylic) by Sudarshan Shetty.

All photos © Arts Observer

“Turning and Cracking Egg,” 2008 (ash) by David Nash at Annely Juda Fine Art of London.

“The Folding House,” 2010 (wood, steel, aluminum, glass) by Spartacus Chetwynd at Sadie Coles of London.

“The Garden,” 2012 (aluminum with stainless steel bolts and nuts) by Peter Rogiers at Galerie Thomas Schulte of Berlin.

“Heiligenfigur (St. Michael) Figure of Saint (St. Michael),” 2008 (polyester, paint) at Matthew Marks Gallery of New York.

“Yet to be Titled (2 heads, 2 legs, 1 hand),” 2012 (tuf-cal, hemp, iron rebar) by Thomas Houseago at Xavier Hufkens of Brussels.

Detail of “Yet to be Titled (2 heads, 2 legs, 1 hand)” by Thomas Houseago.

“Drop City: Geodesic Dome,” (building materials, communications infrastructure) by Marjetica Potrc at Galerie Nordenhake of Berlin/Stockholm.

“Illumination,” 2012 (cement, flashlights, metal) by Jorge Macchi at Galerie Peter Kilchmann of Zurich.

“Untitled (Unfinished pointing hand),” 2012 (reclaimed wood, hardware) by Peter Coffin at Harold Street of London.

“Bearlike Construction,” 2012 (bronze) by Gimhongsok at Kukje Gallery of Seoul, Korea/Tina Kim Gallery of New York.

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