Highlights from Scope NY: Hillary, Andy Warhol & Old Glory Dipped in Gold

NEW YORK—The Scope art fair marked its 14th year this season. Held at Moynihan Station in the rear of the main U.S. Postal Building near Penn Station Scope never disappoints—if you are looking for a lively atmosphere. If you prefer to browse for art in a tame venue, this may not be your favorite event. It was interesting to watch parents (hip ones, of course) hauling baby strollers up to and past the bar area (which was set-up on what must have been some sort of loading dock at one time) in order to get to a section where many of the show’s booths (and art) were located.

The art? The contemporary show features art from emerging and mid-career artists. There is a lot to sift through and some creative and compelling works to be found. Works by Sasha Birulin, Nimai Keston, Avner Sher, and Ekaterina Panikanova, stood out. A clever portrait of Hillary Clinton in an evening gown titled “Master” by Sarah Ferguson, was well-executed and amusing at Coup d’oeil Art Consortium in New Orleans (shown above). A few highlights from Scope are featured below, some of them among the gems.

All photos © Arts Observer

Installation view of paper sculpture by Paola Margherita at White Room/Liquid Art System in Capri, Italy.

Detail of paper sculpture by Paola Margherita, defined by seams.

Installation view, clockwise from left, “Happy Turkey,” “Box Num. 56,” “Giardini Infantili” and “Box Num. 53,” all 2014 ( ink, watercolor and graphite on aged books, mounted on birch) by Ekaterina Panikanova at Converge Gallery of Williamsport, Pa.

Detail of shadowbox sculpture carved with limewood by Peter Demetz at White Room/Liquid Art System of Capri, Italy.

Installation view of works by Peter Demetz.

From left, “Alphabet” (acrylic on canvas) and “Matress” (acrylic on bed sheet) both 2013 by Sasha Birulin at 11-12 Gallery of Moscow.

“Executive Excess,” 2009 (found objects and acrylic paint) by Wayne Warren at Long-Sharp Gallery of Indianapolis, Ind.

Detail of “Les icones sont fatiguees,” 2013 (inkjet prints on burnt transparent film/plexi) by Hayat at Galerie Mark Hachem of New York/Paris.

“Untitled (bathtub)” (polymers) by Vered Aharonovitch at Corridor Contemporary of Tel Aviv.

From left, “Lady 2” and “Lady 3” both 2014 (oil on canvas) by Attasit Pokpong at La Lanta Fine Art of Bangkok.

Detail of “15 Minutes,” 2013 (scratching, etching and engraving on cork and wood) by Avner Sher at Galerie Koninklijke Villa of Oostende, Belgium.

Detail from left of “South Woman” and “South Man” 2013 (both limewood) by Aron Demetz, presented by Galleria Ghetta of Val Gardena, Italy.

Installation view of sculptures by Aron Demetz.

“Flag (Golden Knot),” 2013 (canvas, acrylic, oil paint, polyester resin; Edition of 5, Nr. 1) by Nimai Kesten at Licht Feld Gallery in Basel, Switzerland.

Series of shadowbox sculptures (hand-cut paper illuminated with LED) by Hari & Deepti at Black Book Gallery of Denver.

Installation view of “Two Periods of Andy Warhol,” composed of silicone by hyper realist Kazuhiro Tsuji at Copro Gallery of Santa Monica, Calif.

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