Peter Buggenhout: Sculptural Complexity, Industrial Salvage

NEW YORK—A pair of huge metal monstrosities that look like remnants from decommissioned machinery have taken up residence at Gladstone Gallery. Dusty and unwieldy, the industrial structures are fascinating specimens created by Belgian artist Peter Buggenhout with found materials. They conjure chaos and raise questions of context.

The large-scale works, “The Blind Leading the Blind #66” and “The Blind Leading the Blind #67,” are composed of old building and industrial materials and garbage that are blanketed in a layer of dust.

About the installation, Buggenhout says, “Materials I work with are very abject. The abject as described by Georges Bataille is a material that is withdrawn from its original state and has lost its form and meaning because of it…And this uncertainness completely wipes away the symbolic approach of the work and the material…I believe that all these different aspects and layers in the work are openings for different interpretations but I never give a clue. We all project what we see.”

The exhibition, “Peter Buggenhout: Caterpillar Logic II,” is on view from Feb. 28 to May 17, 2014.

All photos by Arts Observer





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