Studied Forms: Sculpture by John Crawford

NEW YORK—Both organic forms and structural discipline define a series of sculptures recently on view at Lori Bookstein Fine Art. “John Crawford: Sculpture” included forged and machine-made works composed of copper and steel.

Crawford‘s practice was inspired by a 1978 apprenticeship in Tuscany forging farm tools. Today, he lives and works in Brooklyn, N.Y. The exhibition included examples from four bodies of work— bifurcations, towers, pinecones and accretions—new works created in 2014 as well as earlier works.

“John Crawford: Sculpture” was on view from April 24 – May 24, 2014.

All photos by Arts Observer

Installation view. In foreground, “Tower 9,” 2013 (forged copper).

Installation view. In foreground at left, “Accretion 6,” 2012 (forged steel).

Detail of “Tower 5,” 2006 (forged steel).

Installation view. From left, “Tower 1,” 2006 (forged steel); Bifurcation – “Spheres,” 2014 (forged steel); and Bifurcation 7 – “Delta,” 2006 (forged steel).

Bifurcation – “Arches,” 2013 (forged steel).

Installation view. In foreground, Bifurcation – “Arches,” 2013 (forged steel).

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