Mike Henderson: Colorful Improvisation

SAN FRANCISCO—Mike Henderson is presenting a series of new paintings at Haines Gallery. Defined by mesmerizing striations of color that often appear in patched sections, many of his canvases resemble Kente cloth.

According to the gallery, Henderson was inspired by his experiences and special moments, he drew on “conversations he has had, sounds he has heard and places he has visited—manifesting these experiences through texture, form and color.

“Through his highly gestural and tactile paintings, Henderson reveals a palpable connection to post-war abstraction, coupled with a defining instinct for improvisation.” — Haines Gallery

Bay Area-based Henderson has been exhibiting at the gallery for more than 20 years. His current show, “Traces of Places” is on view from May 1 to July 3, 2014.

All photos by Arts Observer

From left, “New Wilderness,” 2014 (oil on canvas) and “My Kind of Blue,” 2014 (oil on canvas).

From left, “Between the Cliffs,” 2013 (oil on canvas) and “Gothic Grace,” 2013 (oil on canvas).

Detail of “My Kind of Blue,” 2014 (oil on canvas).

Installation view. From left, “New Wilderness,” 2014; “My Kind of Blue,” 2014; “Dance Deets,” 2014; and “Sundial,” 2014 (all oil on canvas).

Detail of “Sundial,” 2014 (oil on canvas).

From left, “Broken Core,” 2009 (oil on canvas) and “Salt and Sand,” 2014 (oil on canvas).

Installation view. From left, “The Act of Seeing,” 2014; “Cross Section,” 2013; “West to East,” 2014; and “The High Road,” 2009 (all oil on canvas).

Detail of “After the Return,” 2007 (oil on canvas).

Detail of “Gothic Grace,” 2013 (oil on canvas).

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