Betye Saar to Receive 2014 Edward MacDowell Medal

NEW YORK—Working with found objects and treasured African American collectibles, assemblage artist Betye Saar, 88, explores issues of race and gender, passage and crossroads. Celebrated for her mixed-media collages and installations, since the 1960s she has been creating a body of work that is both personal and incredibly insightful and expressive.

In recognition of her career-long accomplishments, the Los Angeles-based artist will be honored with the 55th Edward MacDowell Medal on Aug. 10, 2014. The MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire is the nation’s first artist residency program and has been recognizing individual artists for their contribution to the field since 1950. Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, Saar’s representative since 1996, announced the honor earlier this week.

In April, the gallery featured a tightly curated installation of Saar’s work. A tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, “Red Time: Est.,” included works made between 1966 and 2014. The entire exhibition (the walls and objects) was red, a color Saar associates with “anger, danger, violence, heat, passion, blood and fire.”

“Red Time: Est” was on view from March 15 to May 3, 2014 at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery.

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