The Pace Gallery’s Exploration of “Social Media” includes “Murmur Study” by Christopher Baker

“Murmur Study” by Christopher Baker

NEW YORK—Right now millions of people are expressing themselves on Twitter. Are their collective voices a form of art? Christopher Baker thinks so. His “Murmur Study” is a part of The Pace Gallery‘s “Social Media” exhibit.

According to Pace, the show examines how “contemporary artists approach public platforms of communication and social networks through an aesthetic and conceptual lens and examining the cumulative effects of social media on our daily lives.”

“Murmur Study” consists of 20 printers spewing out real-time Twitter updates. While you stand and look at the installation, every now and then one of the machines will hum, or murmur, as it dispenses the receipt tape.

These updates are described as “creating a physical manifestation and visual record of the accumulation of publicly accessible personal expressions that pervade the Internet.”

“Social Media” includes the work of several other artists and is on view from Sept. 16 to Oct. 15, 2011.

Photos by Arts Observer

The pile of dispatches from the Twitterverse grows by the hour.

Left, Elizabeth tweets “getting paid to get ice cream and chat”; Center, Alvin C. Pillas, tweets “I smell something fishy…”

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