Clic Gallery Features Don Oehl Fashion Illustrations


NEW YORK—I have been obsessed with Don Oehl‘s fashion illustrations every since I got an email from Clic Gallery about its upcoming exhibition of his work. It’s graphic, a bit mod and sometimes whimsical. All of Oehl’s women are fabulous—the men too.

Clic is a brilliantly curated art gallery and bookstore in Soho (with another location in East Hampton), where Don Oehl’s illustrations will be on exhibit from Sept. 8 to Oct. 9, 2011.

All photos by Arts Observer

Top left, “Tech Mush”; middle right, “Geometric” bottom left, “Maybe”
Far left, from top: “Karl Lagerfeld”; “Anna Wintour”; bottom: Marc Jacobs

Top right, “Greetings from New York (IV)”; bottom center, “Tout A Fait”

From left, “Chanel” and “Greetings from New York (IV)”

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