With an Anti-Wall Street Theme, Giant Puppets Prepare for Village Halloween Parade

Giant puppets have been a part of the parade since it started 39 years ago.

NEW YORK—Moments before the annual Village Halloween Parade got underway I visited the staging area where the famous giant puppets were being readied.

Under the direction of Jeanne Fleming, the parade’s artistic director (pictured at left in the down jacket), volunteer puppeteers were practicing formations and figuring out how to move with and handle the puppets.

Touted as “the nation’s most wildly creative public participatory event,” anyone with a costume can join the procession through Greenwich Village that can draw 50,000 participants.

The Halloween spectacular is in its 39th year and the puppets have been a central part of the event since the beginning. This year, the puppets honored the sentiments of the Occupy Wall Street movement and resembled corporate big whigs and were surrounded by messages such as “99% Risen” and “Reverse the Corporate Takeover.”

All photos by Arts Observer

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