Conan O’Brien: Work of Art

“Metrocard Collage – Conan O’Brien” by Nina Boesch, New York, NY

NEW YORK—Conan O’Brien is all over the second level of The Shops at Columbus Circle. There is a life-size sculpture of the talk show host made entirely of colored pencils that stands more than six-feet tall and a tiny pocket version of him, too. Dozens of other works of art are also a part of the New York Museum of Conan Art (NY COCO MOCA). All of the art was created by fans of the “Conan” show and many of the pieces are quite good. There are about 50 items on display and many more online. The exhibit opened on Oct. 24 and will close tomorrow on Nov. 3, 2011.

All photos by Arts Observer

The Museum of Conan Art exhibit was also displayed in San Diego at Comic-Con in July.

From left, “Abstract Cohen” by Samantha Horn, New Orleans, La.; “Conan in Line” by Bridget Haley.

“Pocket Size Conan!” by Claire Frandsen, St. Louis, Mo.; Background, from left, “Silver Plate Pipes” by KORAREEFI and “Conan and Daughter” by Tom Belding, Vancouver, Canada.

“Magic” by Vivian Chen, Portland, Ore.

“Magic” and at right, a skeletal interpretation of Conan.

Image of “Coco Tribal Mask” by Stephen Kinsey, Newark, Del. The original piece was a wood mask with hair made from suede, but according to a woman working at the exhibit, it was stolen.

At right, “Thoughtful Conan” by Brandon Steele, Brea, Calif.; “Conan Pencilism” in background.

“Conan Pencilism” (colored pencils and zip ties) by Frederico Uribe.

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