Peter Woytuk’s Animals are Starring on Broadway

O”Elephant Pair” with apple (bronze) at Columbus Circle.

NEW YORK—Animals have taken over Broadway. From Columbus Circle where a pair of elephants stand, up to 168th Street where a couple of bulls are lounging on the lawn, sculptures by Peter Woytuk have popped up along the west side corridor. “Peter Woytuk on Broadway” includes 18 installations by the American artist known for his sculptures of animals. Woytuk’s depictions are spare, elegant and modern—reducing shapes and figures to their essential forms.

The exhibit opened on Oct. 21, 2011 and the sculptures will be on view through April 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

The other half of “Elephant Pair.”

“The Bear Cat” balancing on an apple (bronze) at 67th Street.

The Acorn Bench at 73rd Street.

“A Kiwi” (aluminum) at 72nd Street.

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