Modern Furniture Store Matter Features ‘Redemption Table’ by Christopher Kurtz

NEW YORK—A few doors down from Clic Bookstore & Gallery on the edge of Soho is a fabulous modern furniture store called Matter. From seating and lighting to this coveted “Redemption Table” by Christopher Kurtz, the store is chock-full of artfully designed pieces.

According to the store, Kurtz’s one-of-a-kind “Redemption Table” references the wood carvings of Gringling Gibbons and Tillman Riemenschneider from the 17th- and 19th-centuries: “With its hollow legs, funnel-shaped cavities, and excavated voids, the table expresses the designer’s sculptural intent.”

All photos by Arts Observer

“Redemption Table,” 2011 (linden wood).

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