Jacco Olivier’s ‘Painterly Animations’ Bring Madison Square Park to Life

NEW YORK—The new installation in Madison Square Park is best viewed after sunset. During the day, the sunlight obscures the deep hues of the “painterly animations” by Jacco Olivier. In the evening, the moving images bring the park to life introducing colorful moments of digital intrigue throughout natural space.

The installation includes six works mounted throughout the park on glowing monitors standing in the bushes, suspended in trees and buried in the ground.

For each, the Dutch artist began with a single image and, using stop-motion animation, shows layers, stages and alterations as the paintings progress. He re-paints and over-paints, the animated result reveals the history of his painting process. Viewers essential experience Olivier’s paintings as animated shorts.

The exhibit is on view until March 15, 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

Detail of “Deer,” 2011.

“Hide,” 2004.

“Bird,” 2011.

“Bird,” 2011.

“Stumble,” 2009.

“Deer” is projected onto the screen from behind.

“Home,” 2004.

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