‘Work of Art’ Winner Kymia Nawabi Claims Prize—an Exhibition at Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn, NEW YORK—Whatever you think about artists being discovered on a reality show, Kymia Nawabi, the winner of the second season of “<>uWork of Art: The Next Great Artist” is a deserving talent. Her prize was an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum.

The exhibit replicates “Not for Long, My Forlorn,” the show she produced over a period of three months for the Bravo TV program. The museum describes the exhibit as “an expression of both her personal mythology and her ideas on the cyclical nature of life.”

“Work of Art: Kymia Nawabi” includes paintings and sculptures. Her most intriguing pieces marry precise, detailed line drawings with fluid, multi-hued fields of watercolor.

The show is on view from Dec. 22, 2011, to Feb. 5, 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

Above, from left, “Have Faith in the Ouroboros,” 2011 (ink and watercolor on paper); “Closer to Thoth,” 2011 (black patina, copper, cotton, leather, silver and velvet). Top of page, Detail of “The Soul Purpose,” 2011 (ink and watercolor on paper).

“The Philosopher’s Stone is You,” 2011 (acrylic, ink and watercolor on paper).

“You Will Do it Again and Better, We Live Forever,” 2011 (acrylic, glitter and ink on paper).

Three burial mounds called “Devotional Medal,” 2011 (black patina, brass, copper, cotton, marble, mirror, mulch, silk, silver, boa snakeskin, soil and wood).

The exhibit includes small and large works on paper and sculptures.

Detail of “The Bridge,” 2011 (acrylic, ink, glitter and watercolor on paper).

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