‘Relatos’ Photographs by Pierre Gonnord Capture Human Stories

NEW YORK—”Relatos,” a series of photographs by Pierre Gonnord is showing at Hasted Kraeutler. The portraits are the most striking images in the show. They capture coal miners and farmers, some were shot at a monastery. All have incredible depth and reveal a lifetime of living.

French-born Gonnord lives and works in Madrid. The subjects in “Relatos” stem from his latest interest. On his website Gonnord says, “I have been approaching certain minorities and communities that have been displaced for ethnic, economic or political reasons, whether these be gypsies or people from Balkans and the Maghreb recently immigrated to Spain.”

In this video Gonnord discusses the exhibit and describes his photographs. He says “to make a portrait is to talk about the human story.” Gonnord adds that the Spanish word “‘relatos’ means many things at the same time. I like this ambiguity… Relatos means stories, narration and accounts.”

“Relatos” is on exhibit from Dec. 8, 2011, to Feb. 4, 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

From left, “Konstantina,” 2008, and “Madalena,” 2009 (both digital chromogenic prints). Top of page, “Armando,” 2009 (digital chromogenic print).

From left, “Krystov,” 2007, and “Concepcion,” 2006 (both digital chromogenic prints).

“Luis,” 2009 (digital chromogenic print).

“Konstantina,” 2008 (digital chromogenic print).

From left, “Ali,” 2006, and “Juan,” 2004 (both digital chromogenic prints).

Through window of the gallery, “Miroslaw,” 2009 (digital chromogenic print).

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