Nike Stadium is a Creative Concept Store on Bowery Street

NEW YORK—Nike Stadium stores are like galleries with special exhibitions. The Bowery location looks like a high school gymnasium with a studio in the back where you can design your own letterman jacket. Stadium staff sketch ideas for the Destroyer jackets on a chalk board.

Almost the entire space is devoted to the creative concept. A rack of jackets hang ready to be personalized. Empty hangers boast tags with customer names. One says “Jonah Hill.” Chloe Sevigny and Amar’e Stoudemire have also bought custom-made Destroyer jackets, apparently.

Similar to a gallery, the installations at Stadium stores are influx. Last year, the store’s facade (which currently has a chalkboard finish) was papered with stickers and the inside was transformed into a skateboard park with related products for sale. Before that, the retail space had a Brazilian soccer theme.

At the front of the store, there is a small area with Astro Turf on the floor where athletic shoes are sold. When the themes change—although the stock may reflect the new focus—this area remains devoted to Nike’s chief products.

There are six Nike Stadium stores in the world. The other locations are in Milan, London, Tokyo, Berlin and Paris.

All photos by Arts Observer

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