On Houston Street, Faile Installs a Comic-Style Mural

NEW YORK—There is something like a wall of fame for street artists at the corner of Houston and Bowery streets. French artist JR and Shepard Fairey have pasted up murals here and the current installation is by Faile, a Brooklyn-based collective formed by Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller.

The mural looks like a collage composed of a series of ripped images. A comic book-style send up of gritty, pretty underworld characters, its many features include Mao and two super-hero girls—one in a bikini and pumps, the other in fatigues brandishing a revolver pointed at a stuffed rabbit. The work is tongue-in-cheek, disjointed and chock-full of social and political references.

All photos by Arts Observer

The mural measures 20 x 60 feet.

The mural is on the side of a restaurant supply store.

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