At Gladstone, Magnus Plessen’s Painting Technique Creates Collage-Style Works

NEW YORK—Gladstone Gallery is showing new paintings by Magnus Plessen that employ a technique that yields a collage-style aesthetic. According to the gallery, “Looking to the immediate material properties of paint and the two-dimensional surface, Plessen constructs his compositions by systematically adding and subtracting sections of paint to create a shifting field of positive and negative space, revealing not only the artist’s process of mark making, but also the ghostly presence of what has been removed.”

The large-scale canvases feature saturated colors as well as faded hues, and explore abstracted interpretations of the human figure.

The exhibit is on view from Feb. 15 to March 15, 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

Foreground at right, “Portrait,” 2010 (oil on canvas). Top of page, Detail of “Untitled,” 2010 (oil on canvas).

“Portrait,” 2010 (oil on canvas).

“Heads,” 2011 (oil on canvas).

At left, “Untitled (Yellow)” and center, “Untitled (Red).

Detail of “Untitled (Yellow),” 2011 (oil on canvas).

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