Optical Illusions: Sculptures by Raphael Barrios are Brightening Park Avenue

NEW YORK—Just outside of the Park Avenue Armory where The Art Show is underway and at the intersection near Phillips de Pury, colorful shapes appear to be have been photoshopped or superimposed onto the boulevard. From 53rd to 67th streets, Park Avenue is lined with bright geometric sculptures by Rafael Barrios. The Miami-based Venezuelan artist painted the sculptures with an acrylic that has a flourescent quality. Both in daylight and after nightfall the installations appear to float against the commercial and residential high rises.

The exhibit is presented by The Sculpture Committee of the Fund for Park Avenue in collaboration with arts organizations and the city’s public art program, and will be on view from March 4 to June 30, 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

Above, below and top of page: “Triphasique,” 2011 (handmade steel and acrylic lacquer).

“Triphasique” is near Phillips de Pury at 57th Street.

“Trifascica,” 2011 (handmade steel and acrylic lacquer).

“Flight,” 2011 (stainless steel and acrylic lacquer) adjacent to the Park Avenue Armory at 67th Street.

“Malabarismo Lineal,” 2011 (stainless steel and acrylic lacquer).

Above and below, “Dislocated Vertical,” 2011 (stainless steel and acrylic lacquer).

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