‘Radiant Future’: Donald Moffett’s Compelling Works Make You Wonder

NEW YORK—There are a pair of bridled donkeys, a couple of buckets and some kind of antiquated machinery. The works by Donald Moffett at Marianne Boesky Gallery read industrial or utilitarian chic. Placed in the rural outdoors, the installations would be understood as contemporary interpretations of the environment. Exhibited in a white box gallery, their meaning is hard to determine. That aside, the work in “The Radiant Future” is compelling. Throughout the exhibit, what appears to be bold-colored AstroTurf is actually texture Moffett developed with paint. In the gallery’s release, the artist laments “our new digital lives” and describes the works as an exploration of texture and weight. “The Radiant Future” makes you wonder.

The exhibit is on view from Feb. 25 to April 7, 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

“Lot 080711 (the radiant future),” 2011 (oil on linen with wood panel support, concrete mixer, driftwood, wire, hardware).

“Lot 041410.12 (random F),” 2012 (oil on linen with wood panel support, timber, galvanized pipe, galvanized bucket, rebar, concrete, hardware).

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