Pool Art Fair at Flatiron Hotel Invites Patrons to Wander From Room to Room

NEW YORK—A number of smaller art fairs are taking place this weekend to benefit from the art crowd that has descended on the city for Armory Arts Week. The Pool Art Fair provides patrons and “unrepresented” artists the opportunity to meet in an informal environment that fosters a more social interaction. The fair is at the Flatiron Hotel where artists are occupying floors three to seven. Each has figured out the best way to make their room amenable to exhibiting their art and then at night they sleep in the rooms too. The artists hail from around the world. Many are emerging, others have been at it for a while; None would be described as well-known, but several were accompanied by representatives helping to promote their art. Work by a select few, including Hebru Brantley whose playful canvases are inspired by Saturday morning cartoons, was exceptional.

The Pool Art Fair is at the Flatiron Hotel from March 9 to 11, daily from 3 to 10 pm.

Photos by Arts Observer

Above, Paintings by Serge Strosberg depict a French actress (oil and tempera on canvas). Top of page, Pop-style prints by M. Tony Peralta who is a part ofSound of Art, which helps connect artists to buyers.

Photographs of Guadeloupe by Hélène Valenzuela.

“Motion,” digital video by Korean artist Sang ho Shin, was inspired by the interaction between time and life.

Toronto-based Anne-Marie Cosgrove explores her concepts through visual language. The piece on the bottom right spells out “fashion” repeatedly.

Hebru Brantley of Chicago is inspired by Saturday morning cartoons and graffiti.

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