Next Wave: Volta NY is Showcasing Emerging Contemporary Artists

NEW YORK—Spent fire crackers compose almost zombie-like, life-size figures. The bold red sculptures by Carl Emanuel Wolff are at the Schuebbe Projects exhibit at Volta NY. Innovative and inspiring work can be found throughout the invitational art show featuring emerging contemporary artists. Yesterday, Wilmer Wilson, a photographer and performance artist, spent six hours adhering postage stamps to his body.

The show is being presented at 7 West 34th Street in conjunction with Armory Arts Week and runs from March 8 to March 11, 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

Volta NY, galleries are features emerging contemporary artists from around the world. Above, Top of page, Installation detail, life-size sculptures composed of spent fire crackers by Carl Emanuel Wolff.

“Chair #2,” 2011. Works by Mark Khaisman of Philadelphia are created entirely with shiny packing tape on plexiglass illuminated by light boxes.

Australian artist Stephen Bush’s canvases imagine Melbourne landscapes married with wildlife and machinery in unexpected palettes.

Wood sculptures by New York-based artist Rachel Beach reference architecture and explore symmetry/assymmetry and negative and positive space.

Sculptures composed of spent fire crackers by Carl Emanuel Wolff of Schuebbe Projects.

View of diorama by Brooklyn-based artist Patrick Jacobs through a three-inch peep hole and convex and concave glass.

Andreas Johansson creates large-scale pop-up books of scenes from his native Stockholm. He prints his photographs on paper and then cuts and fold the images to create each spread. James Flach of Galleri Flach said it has taken Johansson three years to create six books.

Work by Wilmer Wilson who is represented by Conner Contemporary Art in Washington, D.C. The artist spent much of Friday covering himself in postage stamps. The remains of the performance are in a pile in the foreground.

Portraits by Montreal-based artist Janet Werner of Parisian Laundry.

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