Part 2: At Fountain Art Fair, Performance Art, Murals and Creative Installations

NEW YORK—Fountain Art Fair is distinct among art shows in its emphasis on “street” and performance art. The interactive elements liven up the show and make visitor experiences unique depending on when they attend. Large-scale murals were on display throughout the show, many created on site while the fair was underway.

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All photos by Arts Observer

Above, 2012 mural by Imminent Disaster. Top of page, “UFO x Doyle,” (mixed-media mechanical sculpture) by Williamsburg Guy. When the joystick at left, controls the movements of eye and tentacles of the installation.

“Powercube,” (powder coat steel and wood cube with 36 mounted outlets) by Michael Gitter. He was inspired by the fact that “even in a wireless world, we are always tethered to something.”

Katya Grokhovsky performing “I Love U.”

For her performance, about once a minute Kiera Brew Kurec reached into the bowl of rice before her and ate several grains.

“Shut it Down,” by Brooklyn artist and activist Imnop.

Above and below, “250,000 Works on Paper” (stacked boxes and bundles of works) by Abraham Lubelski. An ongoing installation of spontaneous, one-of-a-kind works offered free to visitors who are encouraged to take one demonstrating direct action, free choice and a sense of shared community.The installation was in the lobby of the fair, situated after visitors bought tickets and before entering the show.

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