Part 1: Fountain Art Fair Showcases Indie Artists and Young Galleries

NEW YORK—The Fountain Art Fair featured cutting-edge work from international exhibitors—many from Brooklyn participated, there was a silk screen shop from Montreal, and a contingent from Korea. While the offerings were geographically diverse, they largely lacked cultural diversity. Work ranged from what was being loosely described as ‘street’ art, what could be categorized as outsider art or work created by people who are not formally trained, as well as emerging artists with quite refined aesthetics. Brooklyn’s Front Room Gallery was exhibiting elegant watercolors by Thomas Broadbent and the Cream Hotel booth drew attention with “White People Know Nothing About Black Hair,” a mirrored installation with a bunch of wigs attached. Meant to be provocative, the hair work by Virginie Sommet was poorly conceived and executed. More than just an art sale, the show was a lively event with performance art and artists painting works during viewing hours.

The fair was at the 69th Regiment Armory from March 9 to March 11, 2012.

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All photos by Arts Observer

Above, “Zombie Stance,” by Labrona. Top of page, “Maple ‘Sizzurp’ Blue,” by whatisadam (both (silk screen prints on off-white paper) at Station 16.

The booth for Gilf!, a street artist who references commercial brands and pop culture.

Above and below, Many of Thomas Broadbent’s watercolors feature books. The artist’s works questions the utility of books in a digital age and casts them as mere objects to be admired.

Donna Dodson says her sculptures celebrate the relationship between humans and animals. From left, “Elephant Bride,” 2005 (wood and paint), “Baboon Mother,” 2008 (kou wood), “Panda Bear,” 2010 (wood and paint), “Black Sheep,” 2005 (laminated wood and paint), “Tiger Frog,” 2006 (wood and paint), “White Sow,” 2005 (wood and paint).

“Levels” a series of painting on tree trunks by Eric Tureski.

“Untitled,” (acrylic) by Gospel at Gallery G2 of Japan.

“Pleiades,” (charcoal on paper) by Leah Yerpe.

“Dream Home #1,” 2012 (unopened credit card applications, tape, graphite, foam core) by Jeremiah Johnson at Francesca Arcilesi Fine Art.

Detail of “Dreaming Mom,” 2011 (painted on silk) by Chan youn.

“Dime Jersey,” 2007 (dimes, pennies, wood and fabric) by Adam Taye at Francesca Arcilesi Fine Art.

Portrait at Front Room Gallery of Brooklyn.

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