Adrian Villar Rojas Presents ‘Before My Birth’ at the World Financial Center

NEW YORK—The birds have been eating well at the World Financial Center Plaza. “Before My Birth,” a site-specific sculpture series by Adrian Villar Rojas, is on display at the waterfront space. A few of the installation’s cracking gray surfaces feature recesses that hold apples expected to degrade during the monthlong exhibit, but the birds have been getting to them quicker than time. Industrial in appearance, the eight sculptures look like some kind of work stations constructed of cast concrete and wood two-by-fours. But the works are actually made of clay and offer a counterpoint to “a person loved me,” the elaborate, towering robotic machine Rojas created for “The Ungovernables,” the New Museum’s triennial. The two works are described thus in the exhibit release: “While the installation, ‘A person loved me,’at the New Museum stages the moment of greatest distance from human culture in Villar Rojas’ work, ‘Before My Birth’ can be read as the beginning of a return to the earthly.”

“Before My Birth” is presented in conjunction with the New Museum’s triennial. The installation is on view at the World Financial Center Plaza from March 1 to March 31, 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

“Before My Birth” is composed of eight sculptures installed on the waterfront plaza of the World Financial Center.

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